The Low Down

Mario Bruno

Owner and Car Builder


None of us would be here if it wasn’t for this man’s vision and dedication. Mario is the kind of person who motivates people without trying to. First and foremost, Mario is a car guy and has been all his life. Mario’s history with cars and the community goes back decades. Mario has owned and operated Chevy Chase Liberty Automotive Service since 1997, setting high standards for quality and customer service. Naturally the station and Mario have developed a large and loyal clientel. The success of Lake Liberty led to the opening of Kensington Service Center in 2014. KSC has prospered under Mario’s guidance continuing the tradition of the oldest full service station in Montgomery County. KSC is more than a service station as it gives back to the community, hosting an annual car show the proceeds from which benefit local charities. In addition, KSC participates in food truck nights with other Kensington businesses from the spring through the fall.

It was at KSC that the idea of Bruno’s Classic Muscle started taking form. Collectors and enthusiasts looking for a local, trusted and capable shop to take their classic investment and performance cars have sought Mario out. Being involved with performance cars all his life, it was only logical for Mario to dedicate part of the Kensington operation to these clients and their cars.

Bruno’s Classic Muscle has now become its own separate operation fully dedicated to classic musclecars of the 1950’s through 1970’s as well as vintage collector cars, race cars and street rods. For all of this we thank the humble man with a big heart whose good soul brings out the best in people.

John Loudon - Landlord

John has been involved with performance cars and engines since he began working in a machine shop at the age of 15. John was a drag racer in those early years, holding track records until marriage and children changed that path. John has a passion for 53 – 67 Corvettes and has built two Duntov Award winning cars, for which Zora himself presented John with the high honors. This deep involvement with C1 and C2 Corvettes branched into John’s successful wholesale business, Corvette Specialties Manufacturing. Technically John is our Landlord, but more importantly John is our friend and a gearhead like all of us.

Kirk DeNinno - Master Fabricator/Engineer

Kirk’s career began in 1982 when his father, racing Hall-of-Famer Chick DeNinno, opened his shop, Fabrication Inc. The builds produced at Fabrication Inc. were multifaceted. If you could describe it, they could build it. Examples include: drag cars, NASCAR cars, NHRA and IHRA cars, mud racers, street rods, and even a salt flat car that set an open wheel record.

When his father retired in 1999 Kirk took over the business and continued upholding the high level of quality expected of his family’s work. Over the years, Fabrication Inc. cars received many best-engineered awards for their excellence.

Now an integral part of Bruno’s, Kirk continues to produce his high standard of quality without compromise. There is nothing outside of Kirk’s ability.

Lyn Hudson – PR Rep / GTG (Go To Guy)

Lyn’s experience with the local custom car, hot rod, race car and show circuit scenes goes back decades. Back in the late ‘60s/early ‘70s, Lyn operated Buggies by Hudson – a dune buggy shop that moved hundreds of the hot units out the door when the trend was at its peak. Ironically it was located right next door to where Bruno’s operates today. Lyn has been an entrepreneur of many sorts from soda blasting to wholesale auto shop supplies over the years. Lyn’s connections in the custom automotive world are endless. Whenever in doubt of where to go or who to contact for a specialized service or obscure part, Lyn knows who to call. Lyn is also a veteran who served our county. It’s because of guys like Lyn that guys like us get to live the good life in this country.

Darrel Ricketts - Controller

Darrel has over thirty years of experience in public and corporate accounting. As exciting as that sounds, Darrel is also a lifelong gearhead.  Over the years Darrel has enjoyed ownership of big block powered Ford and GM Musclecars, custom builds of American, European and Japanese motorcycles and restoration of classic fiberglass outboard speed boats. Darrel has been able to take his accounting career and combine it with what he truly enjoys at Bruno’s.

Wes Fox – Shop Manager / Customer Service

Wes has worked alongside Kirk over 15 years and now has joined us at Bruno’s. He has extensive experience with anything from a four wheeler to race cars. He used to crew with Coraddo Motorsports so he knows how important it is to do his job right the first time. Hence, he is very meticulous about the projects here at Bruno’s. He is no stranger to custom builds and fabrication. That experience translates to managing the daily operations. Call Wes and it will be quickly apparent he knows what he’s talking about and more importantly what’s needed for your car and the best way to do it.

Jim Caggiano – Lead Technician

Jim has an extensive background and technical experience. Jim is no stranger to complex systems having been a Systems Engineer at the Pentagon and FBI. Jim also spent 3 years at Lockheed Martin managing the HVAC and UPS systems. Whenever there is an electrical issue with a car, Jim is the right person to diagnose it. It should come as no surprise that Jim is a master electrician but his automotive skills go beyond electrical systems. Jim was a service technician with the Maryland Park service so he has experience with all aspects of a vehicle. While doing everything above professionally, Jim also worked on musclecars on his own as a sideline. It was this work that caught the attention of Mario who recruited him for Bruno’s when it first took form at the Kensington Service Center. Jim’s attention to detail and high quality of workmanship make him a natural fit for Bruno’s.

Steve Brown – Shop Technician

Steve began his automotive career locally studying at the Guldelsky Automotive Institute of Montgomery College. Since then Steve has acquired his ASE Certification. His association with the Bruno network began at the Chevy Chase Lake Auto Service Center. From there he moved to the Kensington shop when it opened 4 years ago. It was there he made his interest in classic cars known. Since then he has worked closely with Jim Caggiano expanding his skills and knowledge base. Personally, Steve has owned dirt bikes, street bikes and classic cars. Like all of us Steve is happy to be a part of Bruno’s.

Charlie Lindoerfer  - Shop Technician

Charlie has been around cars and trucks all his life and knew it would soon be his career path growing up.  After high school he attended Montgomery College where he continued his education in the Automotive Technology program. Growing his skill set, he landed a job at a Toyota Dealership in Gaithersburg, MD where he worked for a number of years gaining both experience and knowledge. Charlie’s determination and desire to succeed led him to a local Lexus dealership where he advanced his automotive career and technical skills. From building dirt bikes to LS1 Camaros he enjoys anything with an engine and is very happy to be aboard Bruno’s Classic Muscle.

Scott– Shop Technician

Scott began his automotive career

Hours of Operation

8:00 – 5:00   Monday

8:00 – 5:00   Tuesday

8:00 – 5:00   Wednesday

8:00 – 5:00   Thursday

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